Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sonnet to a Panel

A panel, so shy am I
Just before I went 40
I used to autohide
Or slide to a side

But now became the day
And proudly I stand
So now no human hand
Can make me hide away

If peasants politely say
to me "don't get on the way"
Why should I be so brave?

Then maybe a coder elf
Can bring my older self
And make me just behave


patpi said...

10/10! :D

Massimiliano Torromeo said...


Lukewarm Rosewater said...

Great job!:D

Let me publish my response (and please don't take it too seriously;)):

When four-oh versions have besieged my trunk,
And as I speak, the next release draws nigh,
The old nay-sayers that will never die,
Would cry blue murder and proclaim me junk.

But I will fight those rumours to debunk,
I will not go to where the Shadows lie.
Rejoice, my Users! Rejoice and don't cry,
For all my merits have emerged unshrunk.

I do not hide, yet proudly do I stand,
On top, on bottom, or on either side,
I'm home to widgets, I'm themeable, and

In halves, in threes and quarters I divide.
I laugh at critics: for those who understand,
Will know my greatness; and let the others chide.

So, do I see an emergence of a new marketing scheme for KDE, KDE-poetry? ;) Anybody willing to tackle the great works like "The Taming of the Widget", or "(Customise it) As you Like It", or "All's Well that Displays Well"? (There would even be room for critics in things like the tragic "Plasma, the Prince of Desktop" - with the famous monologue "To crash or not to crash..." - or the one-day-from-a-developer's-life comedy "The Comedy of Bugs"):D.