Thursday, July 05, 2007

Konquigotchi - a would-be plasmoid

Our fellow KDE gearhead Wendy Van Craen gave us a wonderful idea to a Plasmoid:

The Konquigotchi!
It would serve to educate the fellow user/developer too, remembering him/her to:

1) Eat;
2) Drink;
3) Go to bathroom;
4) Change his/her underpants;
5) Sleep.

It could be programmed to shut down the computer when it's time to go to bed, start the screensaver when you need to take care of your body and trigger a lot of events (signals) when you have to do something. All of it encapsulated in an animated SVG picture of a dragon with a diaper and a pacifier. :D

In Soviet Russia Knoquigotchi watchs YOU!!!

1 comment:

Ganso said...

eheheh, i could see myself using that! but prolly it would end up just like my alarm clock.. silent.